Black Friday best camera deals 2023

On this page I’ll share what I reckon are the best Black Friday deals on Canon gear in 2023. All my recommendations are based on models I’ve previously reviewed. I don’t care if something has simply been reduced in price, I’m only going to recommend it if I genuinely think it’s a decent product.

Like many deals at this time of year, there can be multiple levels of discounting going on from price-drops and coupons at the time of purchase, often coupled with cashback which is claimed from the manufacturer later. 

Many deals are also only available for a very limited time and on this page I’m concentrating on UK offers between the 22nd and 30th of November from WEX, but I’ve also included links to the latest US offers at B&H if you’re shopping in America.

If you’re watching this after the 30th November, some of the deals will no longer apply, but they’re all still solid products to consider, and if you’re after more details, I have reviews about everything that follows.

Let’s start with their more affordable mirrorless bodies, which in Canon’s current range means the R100, R50 and R10. All have deals available, and if you’re after the lowest-priced model, the R100 has a price drop of £170, reducing the kit to £499.

Canon EOS R100 kit at WEX UK // Canon EOS R100 kit at B&H

But for me, the EOS R50 represents the sweet-spot of the three lower-cost models in the range, with worthwhile upgrades over the R100 without the cost of the R10.

So you’re getting 24 Megapixel photos, 4k video, decent autofocus, a fully-articulated touchscreen, electronic viewfinder and mic input, all giving you a step-up in quality, handling and control over a phone, as well as access to interchangeable lenses. Sure there’s no IBIS, but Canon reserves that for pricier models and the kit lens has optical stabilisation.

The R50 kit with the 14-45 zoom has a price drop of £100 with an extra £100 off with the coupon CANON100, reducing it from £899 to £699, for a £200 total saving. 

Canon EOS R50 kit at WEX UK // Canon EOS R50 kit at B&H

Moving up to full-frame, there’s deals on all the current Canon models, but at the more affordable-end of the range, the EOS R8 is my personal choice, packing the photo, video and autofocus of the higher-end R6 II into a lighter, simpler body. 

Sure it lacks the IBIS, dual card slots and bigger battery of the R6 II, but if you don’t need them or actually prefer a body without IBIS – say for handheld vlogging – then you’re getting a very capable camera at a decent price.

Between 22nd and 30th November, you’ll enjoy a double-cashback deal, reducing the body or 24-105 STM kit prices by £260. 

Canon EOS R8 at WEX UK // Canon EOS R8 at B&H

For more substantial savings though, check out the EOS R6 II, with not only double-cashback of £400, but an additional £200 off at the time of purchase with coupon CANON200. 

That’s £600 off the body or kit prices, getting you a confident 24 Megapixel full-framer with uncropped 4k 60p video, fast bursts, great autofocus, built-in stabilisation, dual card slots, a large battery and detailed composition.

The £600 total discount brings the body down from £2779 to a much more reasonable £2179, and the 24-105 f4L kit down from £3999 to £3399.

Canon EOS R6 II at WEX UK // Canon EOS R6 II at B&H

But wait a minute, I’ve found an even better deal on the body and lens combo. If you buy the 24-105 f4L zoom by itself, it also has a Black Friday double cashback deal of £300, reducing it from £1389 to £1089. 

Canon RF 24-105 f4L at WEX UK // Canon RF 24-105 f4L at B&H

Add that to the R6 II discounted body price of £2179 and you’re getting yourself a high-end kit for £3268, saving you £731 in total from the original price. 

After something even higher-end? The EOS R5 may now be over three years old, but remains Canon’s best camera for all-round photo and video use, sporting 45 Megapixels, 8k video, IBIS, dual card slots and fast bursts. Plus many of its issues when first released have been resolved by a series of firmware updates, making it an attractive option today.

The R5 bodies and kits all have a £300 price drop at the time of purchase, plus an additional double-cashback offer of £500, for a total saving of £800. This reduces the R5 body price of £4299 to £3499, and while a successor is inevitably in the pipeline, the original model with its updates remains a supremely powerful camera. 

Canon EOS R5 at WEX UK // Canon EOS R5 at B&H

I should also mention anyone who’s more into video than photo might be interested in the R5 C or C70 cameras which both enjoy double-cashback deals of £700 and £600 respectively.

Canon EOS R5 C at WEX UK // Canon EOS R5 C at B&H

Canon EOS C70 at WEX UK // Canon EOS C70 at B&H

Ok, how about some lenses? If you’re thinking of investing in some high-end L glass, there’s £700 double-cashback on the RF 28-70 f2, RF 85 1.2, and RF 70-200 f2.8 as well as £500 double cashback on the RF 24-70 f2.8, RF 15-35 f2.8, RF 50 f1.2 and RF 135 f1.8 lenses. This makes them all much more reasonable propositions.

Canon RF 28-70 f2 at WEX UK // Canon RF 28-70 f2 at B&H

Canon RF 85 f1.2 at WEX UK // Canon RF 85 f1.2 at B&H

Canon RF 70-200 f2.8 at WEX UK // Canon RF 70-200 f2.8 at B&H

Canon RF 24-70 f2.8 at WEX UK // Canon RF 24-70 f2.8 at B&H

Canon RF 15-35 f2.8 at WEX UK // Canon RF 15-35 f2.8 at B&H

Canon RF 50 f1.2 at WEX UK // Canon RF 50 f1.2 at B&H

Canon RF 135 f1.8 at WEX UK // Canon RF 135 f1.8 at B&H

For me though the best lens deal of all is on the excellent RF 100-500 zoom, which not only has a £700 double-cashback deal, but an additional price-drop of £160, reducing it from £2939 to a much more affordable £2079.

Canon RF 100-500 at WEX UK // Canon RF 100-500 at B&H

And if you’re after a long zoom for your EOS R body at a lower cost, the very respectable RF 100-400 has a £200 double-cashback offer. Not a huge discount, but welcome none-the-less.

Canon RF 100-400 at WEX UK // Canon RF 100-400 at B&H

Again, most of these deals – especially the Black Friday double-cashback ones, are only available between the 22nd and 30th November 2023, so if you’re interested, get in there!

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